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New unreleased song from SPYAIR which was originally planned for release this summer.

An announcement from SPYAIR’s official Facebook:

Dear SPYAIR supporters:

We send our deepest apologies on this delayed announcement with the understanding of your concerns on the condition of the band since the sudden cancel of “SPYAIR TOUR 2014 “Imagination” on May 2014. 
Moreover, we would like to express our appreciation to all of those who have supported and looked forward to SPYAIR’s activities.

IKE, the vocalist, underwent a polypectomy treatment. Currently, he is showing successful progress.
Even though he is still under medical care, the band members and staff are proceeding to prepare for SPYAIR’s next project.

SPYAIR WILL NOT BREAKUP. Rather, SPYAIR will move forward.
We will inform you on the band’s re-start as soon as we have further information.
Your patience will be much appreciated until then.
Thank you.

Last but not least, for those who support SPYAIR:
Here is a little something. Please enjoy this unreleased but recorded early this year track called, “GLORY”

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Ghibli w/ Realistic Backgrounds - Source + More: x

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do you ever sit in school like i know the answer to that questions but i’m not saying it because this class is pissing me off

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 KenKao sweet moments.
Photos from Takei Emi’s interview.

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do any of you even know my name

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Every ONE OK ROCKer now (via 8am1208)

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Should I call them “ONE OKAY ROCK” or “ONE O’ CLOCK”
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